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Art Director: Prag Rokach

Artist: Paul Curran

original design by hibino / made by kihara in Japan

The story of the Tel Aviv Icons plate is the story of Tel Aviv itself. It's the combination of art, culture, and architecture mixed with the craziness and chaos that makes Tel Aviv uniquely incredible. Each icon has a story to tell.


What icon will steal your attention when you first look at it? 


Maybe it’s Dudu Geva’s duck staring at you from the top of city hall. Perhaps it’s Moshe Dayan thinking up a thousand ideas from the comfort of Tel Aviv’s first coffee kiosk on Rothschild. It could even be the bowl of warm hummus in the bottom left. Hummus so fresh and delicious that the taste stays in your heart weeks after it’s left your mouth.

* Poster printed on rice paper, attached with each package

Annotation 2020-05-21 184623.jpg

The “Tel Aviv Icons” plate was designed  in Tel Aviv under the shade of ficus trees just steps from Rothschild Boulevard and created in Japan's historic porcelain capital - 'Arita', by the ceramic masters of Kihara.

The process started from a rough sketch and evolved into three prototypes of porcelain plates. The creative process took a year - starting with selecting and prioritizing the best icons to tell the story of Tel Aviv. The process continued with building the design language and the final step was choosing a harmonious placement and final layout of the selected icons across the plate.


After completing the final sketch, the porcelain masters created three different prototypes from the brass transfer print. Each time they tried to sharpen and refine it even more than before. This whole process created the language and design of the Tel Aviv icons.


Tel Aviv can be found in the small pieces of the plate, when they all meet together - the magic that is familiar to us is created... The cat, the taxi, the waves, the electric scooter and even the parking lot. They're all a unique part of Tel Aviv and no less important than the Bauhaus buildings and the glass towers. They're the sounds and soul of Tel Aviv. These are Tel Aviv.

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