"Temari" Cast Iron Container

680.00 ₪מחיר

Designed by Sゝゝ as lidded ashtrays, we prefer to use these as small containers or simply as beautiful tabletop objects .
Produced at the Morihisa Suzuki Workshop in Morioka, Iwate, the hometown of "Nanbu Iron". The workshop has been producing iron products since 1625 and their traditional metal- casting method gives their products a distinctive tone and texture.


ממדים: 10 ס"מ (קוטר) x 4.5 ס"מ (גבוה)

חומר: ברזל

ארץ מוצא: יפן


About Suzuki Morihisa Studios
Established in 1625, The Suzuki Morihisa Studio is now in it's 15th generation of family operation.
Known for traditional Nanbu Tekki iron work, the studio has created Buddhist altar fittings, temple bells and teapots for the highest levels of Japanese culture and society. 
The Studio was designated a Japanese Cultural Treasure in 1974.

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