Bar / Counter chair


Naoto Fukasawa

מעצב, סופר ופרופסור יפני.

מעצב עבור מגוון רחב של מותגים מובילים ברחבי העולם. 

העיצובים שלו משתרעים על מגוון רחב של תחומים, החל ממוצרים אלקטרונים מדויקים ועד ריהוט וחללי פנים.


HIROSHIMA stool with an impressive soft curved surface and sharp contours
The figure seen from the back is particularly beautiful, and the silhouette that connects from the back to the bottom of the seat is connected by a smooth curved surface with no corners. Stainless steel, which extends straight from under the seat, not only serves as a thin and strong structure, but also serves to enhance the look and shape of the wood.

The sculpturally carved seat surface has a gentle dent that wraps around the buttocks for a comfortable seating. It is a stool that is useful not only for home use but also for various situations such as public facilities.

*מגוון ריפודים רחב לבחירה בתצוגת היבינו